PyWeek is a one-week-long Python-based game-development challenge that occurs twice each year. Uguusoft has committed to participating as much as possible to help increase awareness of Python as a viable language for game development.

PyWeek project access

All of our PyWeek work is hosted on Google Code:

Unfortunately, due to the nature of the competition, we don’t really have much time to publish tutorials or information about the games themselves, or to clean up the code once the projects have ended, but we’ll still try to explain how we did things in case you’re interested.

Past entries


PyWeek 9: Angel-G

Download it! (sha1)

Uguusoft’s first 2D game. The code’s hideous, but the game turned out to be pretty fun, at least to those who weren’t put-off by the static-texture look.

We can safely say that our respondents were the most polarized in terms of feedback and grading in the competition, and that’s precisely what we expected when we chose the art style we went with.

Project tagging

We’s got an angel. With a shotgun. That shoots tar. So things can be feathered.

And, apparently, our narrator sounds like an overly theatrical Scottish vampire.

Note: This game requires pygame 1.8.1+ to play.

This was a team entry consisting of Arashi, Red HamsterX.

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