game libraries

This project is host to a variety of game-library-related subprojects, ranging from eyecandy through optimized sprite-handling routines, with support for a variety of Python game-development libraries, such as Pygame and pyglet.

The goal of this project is not to build engines to streamline game creation — there are enough of those already — but rather to provide resources that can be used to help developers get that look they really wanted, add a cool effect, or marry two normally distinct-genre-bound ideas into a single, harmonious product simply by decoupling and abstracting them from the types of games normally built around them.

With no game logic implemented in any libraries, full control remains in the developers’ hands.

Library access

All libraries are hosted and documented on Google Code at

Tutorials and examples

All libraries come with demo scripts that provide examples of how they may be used to achieve certain basic effects. In addition, if we think of a cool way to integrate one of our libraries with another project, we’ll write about it on

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