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Hymmnoserver updates underway

I recently received user-e-mail letting me know that I’ve fallen behind (again) in my goal of matching the Japanese Hymmnoserver’s content.

So, like, thanks for the heads-up, Maverynthia; I’ll get started on translating the new content and performing a vocabulary audit today, with hopes of finishing the process by next weekend.

Update: It looks like aquagon beat me to translating key technical details from new sections, so I’ll be using his work as a basis for my own. This should speed things up considerably.

Hymmnoserver update

It’s still not fully up-to-date, but all At3 words identified by aquagon have been added to the database. Note: A full translation check was not performed, since most of the words looked right and aquagon’s translations are usually quite accurate.

Though not reflected on the (presumably abandoned) Japanese site, a section on the Risshizentsukuyomi sister-language will be added to the Hymmnoserver in the next update (probably next weekend).

Hymmnoserver now more legible

Most of the Hymmnoserver‘s content is now presented in sans-serif, for your non-eye-bleeding enjoyment.

I still think the serif face looked nice and helped to give the site a “research”-type feel, which matches the feel of the original, but I do have to agree that, at smaller font sizes, sans-serif is easier to read. (If anyone complains about the switch, I’d be more than happy to change it back)

Hymmnoserver now translatable

In preparation for Ar tonelico III’s launch, much of the code behind the Hymmnoserver has been reworked to make it easier to integrate whatever new dialect twists might be in the works. And, along the way, support for localizations has been dramatically improved.

So if you’ve wanted to offer the service in a non-English language, now (or maybe after all the At3 kinks have been worked out) is a really good time to start.

Hymmnoserver migration – Updated

Hymmnoserver has been re-homed at http://hymmnoserver.uguu.ca/ and the code has been reworked to make it much easier to port and set up; further refinements and a real setup guide will be provided as this week progresses. For the interested, http://hamsterx.homelinux.org/hymmnoserver/ will continue functioning, so there’s no reason to panic if you’re bad at remembering addresses.

There will be some inconsistency between the two servers until the migration process is complete, but it shouldn’t affect anything that matters.


The migration process is effectively complete. There will still be some code updates (addition of comments, optimizations, refactorings), but everything will be fully mirrored from now on.