unts was a term project for an Emergent Computing class taught by Dr. Christian Jacob in 2008. It was built using Python 2.3 and Breve 2.7.2. It is extensively documented and should be a suitable starting point for other students looking for project platforms or inspiration.

unts is a relatively massive, highly flexible emergence framework and technical demonstration that simulates multiple ant-like colonies that search for food and water, reproduce, establish new hills, fight off menacing spider-like enemies, and battle amongst themselves for control of resources, all based on local environmental information without any sort of centralized AI or explicit communication mechanics.

Project information

unts is hosted on Google Code, http://code.google.com/p/unts/, which is where you should go if you want to build a project on top of it or simply view the video renderings it yielded.


If you found unts helpful in any way, let us know. If you really need a specific extension to make it work for you as part of a project, just ask. Emergence is a great field and we’d love to explore it with you.


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