Puukusoft is a software development brand created with the intent of promoting Free software, particularly as it applies to granting others the freedom to study and learn: we strive to improve our techniques with each project and always demonstrate something new, fully documented.

Mature Puukusoft projects are typically intended for real-world use and may, therefore, avoid optimization in cases where the hackability of code would be reduced, simply because it’s entirely possible, if not probable, that someone will eventually need to change the way things behave for their own needs.


Where’d the name come from?

Like everything Puukusoft’s contributors do, from the projects documented here, to scripts and contracted work to solve small problems, to patches and documentation for various projects, the name originated from a haphazard collision of ideas.

Basically, the silliest names possible were solicited from an apathetic control group in an IRC channel, and the weirdest-sounding elements were fused. Yeah, we’re strange like that.