staticDHCPd 1.5.0-preview

staticDHCPd 1.5.0 isn’t ready to be officially released yet, but all of the new features are ready to be played with and everything has been documented. You can use the preview version by checking out the current SVN trunk; post feedback or open issues if you find any bugs.

1.5.0’s proper release will follow development of unit tests and a reasonable soak period, since it reflects a lot of changes to the underlying code.

Pretty At3 CDs

My At3 discs finally arrived (though FedEx’s duties overhead for Canada is pretty brutal). I’ll start adding content to the Hymmnoserver based on what I glean from the inserts and aquagon‘s updates to the Conlang article as soon as I get a break from work.

Tracklist translations: OST (disc 1, disc 2), Hymmnos concert side (blue, red)

Update: Unfortunately, that “break from work” probably won’t be happening this weekend. More unpaid overtime for me.

staticDHCPd 1.4.0 released

staticDHCPd 1.4.0 is now out, and it brings with it a large number of new features, many of which nobody will ever use! But adding them was a necessary step since every known relevant option and feature is now supported. (If something was missed, let us know)

From the changelog:

  • Added support for RFC2610 (options 78 and 79)
  • Added support for RFC2937 (option 117)
  • Added support for RFC3046 (option 82)
  • Added support for RFC3361 (option 120)
  • Added support for RFC3396 (long options)
  • Added support for RFC4174 (option 83)
  • Added BETA support for RFC4388 (LEASEQUERY)
  • Added support for specification of options by number
  • Rebuilt support for RFC3397 (option 119), with the caveat that the compression algorithm it describes was omitted

Hymmnoserver now more legible

Most of the Hymmnoserver‘s content is now presented in sans-serif, for your non-eye-bleeding enjoyment.

I still think the serif face looked nice and helped to give the site a “research”-type feel, which matches the feel of the original, but I do have to agree that, at smaller font sizes, sans-serif is easier to read. (If anyone complains about the switch, I’d be more than happy to change it back) deprecated has succeeded as home for all projects it once hosted. All users of the old site are strongly encouraged to switch to the new resources, categorized under the links at the top of this page, at their earliest convenience.

Of course, services like the Hymmnoserver, read-only subversion repository access, project wiki, static resources, and user directories will remain operational for the forseeable future, to make the migration process as smooth as possible. They will all be fully accessible until the fate of the network connection that currently links to the old server is decided later this year, at which point 301s and 410s will be deployed as necessary to keep search engines happy.

One exception to the keep-everything-alive-as-long-as-possible plan is that the wiki will no longer be maintained and will be entirely decommissioned once it is clear that Google’s spider has found and prioritized this site. This is to prevent duplication of effort and content drift, the avoidance of which benefits everyone. Once Google’s spider has picked up on the 301s served by the old site, it will be given a static front page explaining the migration plans and progress, to help keep everyone current with what’s happening.

Hymmnoserver now translatable

In preparation for Ar tonelico III’s launch, much of the code behind the Hymmnoserver has been reworked to make it easier to integrate whatever new dialect twists might be in the works. And, along the way, support for localizations has been dramatically improved.

So if you’ve wanted to offer the service in a non-English language, now (or maybe after all the At3 kinks have been worked out) is a really good time to start.

staticDHCPd 1.3.4

staticDHCPd 1.3.4 is out and you can grab it at Google Code or

It offers a large number of new features over 1.2.0, inspired by needs that have arisen over the past several days:

  • Support for DHCPDECLINE and DHCPRELEASE events
  • Diagnostic features to help find misconfigured clients in networks, particularly those that would interfere with normal operation of a network or a dynamic DHCP server
  • Improvements to how event-messages are formatted, making it easier to read through the event-log
  • Less-memory-intense caching logic without sacrificing speed
  • AUTHORITATIVE mode, which allows unknown MACs to be NAKed, rather than ignored, fixing an incompatibility with some vendors’ non-RFC-compliant relays
  • Support for having logfiles written to disk with the current timestamp as a suffix, simplifying the process of creating status snapshots

Hymmnoserver migration – Updated

Hymmnoserver has been re-homed at and the code has been reworked to make it much easier to port and set up; further refinements and a real setup guide will be provided as this week progresses. For the interested, will continue functioning, so there’s no reason to panic if you’re bad at remembering addresses.

There will be some inconsistency between the two servers until the migration process is complete, but it shouldn’t affect anything that matters.


The migration process is effectively complete. There will still be some code updates (addition of comments, optimizations, refactorings), but everything will be fully mirrored from now on.