Monthly Archives: February 2010

Hymmnoserver update

It’s still not fully up-to-date, but all At3 words identified by aquagon have been added to the database. Note: A full translation check was not performed, since most of the words looked right and aquagon’s translations are usually quite accurate.

Though not reflected on the (presumably abandoned) Japanese site, a section on the Risshizentsukuyomi sister-language will be added to the Hymmnoserver in the next update (probably next weekend).

staticDHCPd 1.5.0-preview

staticDHCPd 1.5.0 isn’t ready to be officially released yet, but all of the new features are ready to be played with and everything has been documented. You can use the preview version by checking out the current SVN trunk; post feedback or open issues if you find any bugs.

1.5.0’s proper release will follow development of unit tests and a reasonable soak period, since it reflects a lot of changes to the underlying code.

Pretty At3 CDs

My At3 discs finally arrived (though FedEx’s duties overhead for Canada is pretty brutal). I’ll start adding content to the Hymmnoserver based on what I glean from the inserts and aquagon‘s updates to the Conlang article as soon as I get a break from work.

Tracklist translations: OST (disc 1, disc 2), Hymmnos concert side (blue, red)

Update: Unfortunately, that “break from work” probably won’t be happening this weekend. More unpaid overtime for me.