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Cooper Lee identified an issue in which non-existent MACs would lead to an error when their definition, which was None, was asked for an ip attribute. This should no longer happen and went unnoticed by me ever since 2.0.0-beta-1 because I’d been using the dynamism module in my test environment, which masked the problem by always returning a full definition. I now have multiple testing servers to avoid another issue like this.

staticDHCPd 2.0.0-beta-4^H5^H7

This is a minor update, addressing a circular reference discovered by Vladimir Shencov, in which importing from staticdhcpdlib.databases during the config phase (the recommended method of defining custom databases) would prevent the server from starting. Imports should now come from staticdhcpdlib.databases.generic.

If you are using the dynamism module, you’ll need to make that change near the top of the file. Nothing else needs to be modified, though.

beta-4 only half-addressed the issue; beta-5 should deal with it properly. Sorry about that.

And beta-5 missed another reference-point. beta-7, using a fix devised by Vladimir, should have it dealt with for real. For really real.

staticDHCPd 1.5.7

staticDHCPd 1.5.7 is now available, which is identical to 1.5.6, except that PXE requests will work, even if you have your network configured to use relays only. PXE requests are strictly unicast and omit gateway information in many cases. Chances are this will affect very few people, but it’s understandably confusing for those who are.