Neil Tallim

Also known as Red HamsterX and flan, Neil is the lead programmer and project leader of everything released under the uguu.ca development brands.

Contact information

Neil may be reached via the following channels, though e-mail is generally the best method:

  • E-mail (casual, fastest response): red [dot] hamsterx {at} gmail
  • E-mail (formal): neil [dot] tallim {at} uguu.ca
  • Google Talk: same as causal e-mail address
  • IRC: flan@freenode.net, flan@synirc.org


Neil lives in western Canada and holds a Bsc in Computer Science from the University of Calgary.

He enjoys gaming, artificial intelligence theory, linguistics, anime, manga, and, of course, software development. He tends to spend moments of free time helping out in #python and #ubuntu.

His primary language is English, with light conversational French and developing Japanese.

Programming-wise, he is skilled with Python and Java, comfortable with Bash, C, GLSL, Haskell, JavaScript, Perl, PHP, XML, and x86, and willing to hack in just about anything non-proprietary.


uguu.ca is host to a number of development brands, some of which have productive, communicative, or academic value, and others that exist purely for fun or as a means of artistic expression.

Projects are categorized into the following sections:

  • Puukusoft, for endeavours of research and productivity
  • Uguusoft, where everything fun ends up
  • ar sphaela, home to all linguistics works

All of the projects we, the developers, publish, whether mature or not, are backed by an educational support guarantee: if you have any questions about the way anything works, just ask and it will be explained.

We’re also very responsive to reports of problems with any projects we’ve tagged as being stable: if something’s not working the way it’s supposed to, it’ll be fixed as soon as possible. Our work may be free, but that doesn’t mean we don’t take pride in it.

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