So it’s been a while, and I don’t remember why there was no post announcing beta-7, but beta-8 is now live, sporting the following new features:

  • Support for clients that cannot handle broadcast OFFERs, which are few, but can be found in embedded systems; in issue 15’s history, this was identified as a problem with the broadcast-bit
  • Persistent and local-file-instead-of-memory caching options
  • Support for arbitrary config-file locations, via --config or the STATICDHCPD_CONF_PATH environment variable

The broadcast-bit feature owes a lot to Ken Mitchell, for providing feedback and extensive testing throughout the process. Thanks to corecode#dragonflybsd@efnet, too, for helping to clarify BSD networking philosophy and enable selection of a fallback cross-platform solution for L2 packet-injection.

There’s also Debian-packaging infrastructure in the repository, because that’s coming once past the RC phase. Right now, the focus is on the documentation rewrite, which should be all that remains. Feature-requests are still welcome, but try to hold off on them if you want a stable release sooner than later.

You can, as always, grab this release from its downloads page. Its changelog is in a transitive state and can be viewed in-source: staticDHCPd, libpydhcpserver.

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