staticDHCPd preview screenshot

Almost there. Just another day or two until something’s ready for publication.

staticDHCPd's 1.7.0 web-interface, alpha-state
staticDHCPd’s 1.7.0 web-interface, alpha-state

For now, have a screenshot of what the web interface looks like now (hard to imagine that the unstyled, ancient version lasted more than three years). And know that you can customise just about everything on it: don’t like the logger’s size? That’s changeable. Want more or less stuff it in? You can do that, too. Want to get rid of it? Sure. Want to put your own stuff above or below it? That’s also easy. Everything on that page (there’ll be more once I add bindings to the stats module, which should happen tomorrow) is dynamically referenced, so it’s fully configurable.

Also, check out the pared-down config file and the new parameters and scripting guides that ship with. The README and quickstart has also been reworked to be simpler.

If you want to play with the system right now, revision 441’s logging-web branch has passed all of my basic tests and is currently driving my network.

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