staticDHCPd – preview tomorrow, probably

Yay, almost done.

At this point, I’ve modified pretty close to every line of code in the system. I’ve tried looking for a block of at least five adjacent, non-comment lines and, aside from constants, haven’t found anything. I’m considering doing a rewrite all all internal documentation, too, because reST is easier to maintain, then calling the release 2.0.0, because it is fundamentally quite different and quite a bit more flexible.

This doesn’t mean I’m giving up on DHCPv6 support — a lot of this reworking is intended to make that possible — but after thinking about it more, over a very long period of time, I’ll likely refactor the IPv4 stuff into isolated portions of the system (with the move to named tuples for most core structures and all of the other changes to how data is puchsed around, that’s not terribly far off), then remove it and incorporate IPv6 using different backend libraries, but all of the same interface logic. I can’t imagine a realistic need to run both IPv4 and IPv6 out of the same server anyway — they’re too dissimilar for the information to be correlatable, and they can’t bind to each other’s interfaces. That said, with the changes to the web architecture and stats components, if someone really wanted to have an integrated console for observing both IPv4 and IPv6 at the same time, they could do it pretty easily.

Anyway, there should be working code (maybe a working preview tarball) and possibly some screenshots tomorrow. If not tomorrow, then early this week for sure.

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