Prismscript updates expected this week

I need to start posting more regularly, so here are some words.

Prismscript should be getting a somewhat significant change to its Interpreter initialiser, in that some specialised config options will be dropped and a new interpreter_location=None parameter will be added. If provided, it must be a string that will give the interpreted script a scoped reference to the interpreter’s config-object, which will allow for tuning and behavioural options to be configured based on scripting logic.

How this will work is that the interpreter will expose a get_config() method that returns the new config-object, and this object will expose attributes like preemptable (a boolean value that causes the interpreter to yield after each statement, so that the caller can easily trigger script-asynchronous events without crazy threading solutions), and things like recursion_limit (an integer, bounded by a caller-set maximum, that will let script-code set its own tolerances). There’s a good chance some form of exception-handling will be added, too.

Additionally, a yield keyword will be added to the language proper, allowing for the script to yield of its own volition where needed. The yielded value will be wrapped in a special object, though the semantics have not yet been decided.

After these changes are in place and testing has occurred, versioning will increase to 1.1.0, which is when the first release archive should be published.

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