staticDHCPd 1.6.0 (beta)

staticDHCPd 1.6.0 is now in testing, adding support for, surprisingly, dynamic provisioning.

This isn’t a new focus for the project, but a request came in and it seemed pretty easy to do it in a way that leaves all of the dynamic messiness in the domain of site-specific configuration code, without changing the internals one bit. This was accomplished by adding a new hook-function to that gets triggered whenever a MAC isn’t found in the database, offering a chance for custom code to synthesise a record. Injecting a record at this point is, to the rest of the architecture, the same as having found it in the database, so yay for well-factored designs.

The gist of this is that, if you want to provision things on the fly, whether permanently or not, or if you just want to send yourself an SMS, or both, or something else that’s totally wild, you’ve now got the facilities to do so. Have fun and let me know what, if anything, breaks.

An in-memory example of dynamic provisioning is in the 1.6.0 codebase and its usage is described on the project wiki, under the FAQ and new dynamism page.

Also new is a DAEMON option, allowing you to decide whether you want to run the process as a true daemon or keep its controlling terminal for testing purposes. Daemon mode ships enabled in new config files, but defaults to disabled in older ones, since it was up to the initscript/policy to handle that before, but that’s kinda silly.

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