Another Quickshot teaser

Following quickly on the last update (a trend I intend to continue), here’s a screenshot of the non-admin side of the entry created in the last page, demonstrating what a project owner will see when looking at a project version’s status. I decided to include part of the browser interface this time, to show the pretty URL structure, which is sure to be welcome when it comes time to advertise for help with projects.

Each language link (visible and accessible only to owners, due to resource consumption) will lead to a section that allows screenshots to be approved in a task-oriented manner, rejected screenshots older than a minimum age to be purged (age enforced to prevent rogue vandalism), and, for exceptional circumstances, approved screenshots to be rejected. Important features from the first iteration, open in the tabs on the left, will return as well, albeit with a substantial facelift; highlights follow, for those who didn’t play with the original: archived downloads of approved screenshots, access to reference images, and the ability to browse everything in the system. All in all, it should be quite intuitive and smooth.

New changes, design-wise: implementation of a “you are here” bar that sits beside the already-existing (but not-always-visible) admin bar, to balance functionality with whitespace, sans fonts, tasteful and informative progress indicators, and eye-catching-but-not-distracting inline help.

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