Quickshot teaser

Although it will still be about another month before the server is functionally complete (when I’ll start working on the client, alongside the other project members), I figured now would be a good time to provide a screenshot of the new Quickshot design in its early stages.

This image doesn’t capture much (there are a number of unrepresented project variables, since the architecture is parent-inheritance-driven), and the styling is sure to change once the functionality is complete enough to warrant the involvement of one of the Ubuntu Manual Project‘s web designers, but I think it shows enough to whet the appetite of anyone who’s been longing for a system to simplify the inclusion of screenshots in their multi-lingual documentation: tiered project management, project-family-common settings, support for languages at generic and dialect levels, OpenID-based administration, browser-configurable settings, human-grokable status messages, support for privacy at both the family and project levels, and the capacity for projects to go inactive (either by flipping switches or, though unpictured, setting deadlines).

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