hamsterx.homelinux.org deprecated

uguu.ca has succeeded hamsterx.homelinux.org as home for all projects it once hosted. All users of the old site are strongly encouraged to switch to the new resources, categorized under the links at the top of this page, at their earliest convenience.

Of course, services like the Hymmnoserver, read-only subversion repository access, project wiki, static resources, and user directories will remain operational for the forseeable future, to make the migration process as smooth as possible. They will all be fully accessible until the fate of the network connection that currently links to the old server is decided later this year, at which point 301s and 410s will be deployed as necessary to keep search engines happy.

One exception to the keep-everything-alive-as-long-as-possible plan is that the wiki will no longer be maintained and will be entirely decommissioned once it is clear that Google’s spider has found and prioritized this site. This is to prevent duplication of effort and content drift, the avoidance of which benefits everyone. Once Google’s spider has picked up on the 301s served by the old site, it will be given a static front page explaining the migration plans and progress, to help keep everyone current with what’s happening.

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