Ar nosurge OST English tracklist

Since I’ve got the next few days off, and don’t have enough material to update the Hymmnoserver with Ra ciela, I’m finally getting through some stuff that’s been in my backlog for a while (including staticDHCPd issues — those should roll in this weekend).

Looking at the VGMDB entry, it was pretty apparent that the common translation was rough (and, in some cases, kanji-literal), so I’ve made my own, shared here, for anyone who wants an alternative.

staticDHCPd 2.0.0-rc1

staticDHCPd 2.0.0 is finally in rc1 status!

Anything in the 2.0.0 branch from r774+ now needs to be tested and the checklist will be tracked on the GoogleCode page. If, after two weeks, no issues are reported, an “rc1” source package will be published, and if that goes for another two weeks without issues, 2.0.0 will be considered stable and Debian packages and RPMs will be prepared.

At this point, no new features will be added until the system is stable (but please submit ideas to the issue-tracker anyway). Any non-bugfix commits will be things to prepare for the Debian/RPM packages or minor formatting tweaks.